About Us

Sing to the Lord a New Song

With New Songs from FairHope Worship

For years, millions of Christians worldwide have made worship classics an essential part of their spiritual life and have strengthened family bonds while worshipping together.

Today, FairHope Worship remains dedicated to finding new songs that will help you sing with the joy described in Psalm 96:1 Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth (NIV).

From new songs written by well known worship artists and songwriters in the local church, to time-honored classic hymns of faith, you can count on inspiring blends of worship songs connecting people with the heart of God in a meaningful way. Plus we offer the best worship releases and resources from multiple labels and publishers – giving you a variety of styles of worship.

The powerful new music you will find here can help you come into the presence of God and make you aware that He is there with you, in your life, and in your heart.

Worshipers from across the country tell us how FairHope Worship has touched their lives…

Experience God’s presence

“FairHope Worship really ministers to my spirit. When I’m going through hard, almost unbearable things, I can listen to the recordings and it’s as if Jesus has stepped into my house. The glory of God moves in and moves the mountains.”

Change the atmosphere of your home

“When it is my prayer time, FairHope Worship leads me into God’s presence. It also brings the spirit of Jesus into my home so that friends and family can experience the peace and joy of God.”

Turn any time into worship time

“We love to worship in song with FairHope Worship during breaks, driving, while cooking at home, at Bible study, project groups, church, and Sunday school. We truly love the recordings.”

Experience new songs from the local church

“FairHope Worship is a wonderful way to encourage people to participate in worship and introduce some great new music to the church as a whole.”

FairHope Worship’s Pledge To You

At FairHope Worship, our pledge to you is that we will only offer recordings that are God honoring, worshipful and participatory. You, your family and your congregation will be able to worship with every song.